Feb 02

Create Your Website Or Use A Pro?

At the very beginning of the web, you had to call a specialist to create your site. Then came the free CMS and online. Internet users comfortable with the logic of computers and the web could begin to build their site by installing CMS (site design and content management software). But establishing a CMS, updating it and reserving a domain is not given to everyone. Online CMS (or CMS hosted) have been created for even more beginner Internet users.

We will help you to know if your web project fits in the case of use of a CMS, an online CMS or if it requires appealing to professional web and specific development.

What Kind Of Website Do You Want?

You have to admit one thing: not all sites can be made with pre-established and free tools such as CMS online. Without competence, there are web projects that you will not be able to lead. For example, creating a social network or a dating site is not feasible with an online tool. This requires developing skills. However, you will be able to establish showcase sites, e-commerce sites and many types of sites.

A Site For A Personal Project

To share your passion or your desires, you will need a tool to create pages and why not, to blog! If you want to be reachable, it will also be necessary to create a contact form. This is possible with most CMS online. It all depends on your project: keep a logbook during a trip around the world?

Feb 05

Creating a membership site and community

One of the best web design projects we have seen is OddsMonkey, they have created a unique site for their members with some really cool software and members only areas.

They have also used nodebb to create a thriving community. Nodebb is not for everyone but it is particularly useful for large communities and fast moving discussions.

They obviously have a team of highly trained developers working on this site and it’s not something anyone could just replicate. There are a few ways to make membership sites with tools like WordPress though. There are free and paid plugins like MemberPro that will allow you to create members areas and even make it so that the customer has to pay to access those areas. Pretty useful if you have some killer content you think people will be willing to pay for.

If you aren’t familiar with OddsMonkey then you should take a look. It is a site that we visit every day as we are big into matched betting and it allows us to earn a little money on the side when we are quiet on the web design front. You can read a full review of OddsMonkey here.

Basically it will teach you how to make money risk free from bookie bonuses. There are no risk to your funds as we lay all our bets off so it really isn’t gambling or anything like that. It costs £15 a month to get access to the members area but it is worth every penny as they will soon have you making a few hundred pounds per month using their guides, strategies and software.…

Feb 01

A Commune Site For The Citizens

Very close to the association site, you will need the essential features of a simple showcase site, i.e., the possibility of creating pages to present the town, the opening hours of the town hall, the list of different people responsible, etc. etc. One or more forms of contact would offer to administer to contact you, without leaving the email address trapped in the pages.

A Business Site For Your Customers

The corporate section is used to present activities, contact information or the team. If you need to create quotes, specific contact forms, it is possible with CMS. The corporate site can also include a blog to establish your expertise in a field. In short, to summarise very quickly, a website showcase business requires pages, forms and it can be done with a CMS!

An E-Commerce Site To Sell Online

According to online CMS, the features can be more or less advanced. Even though most CMS will allow you to set up shipping costs, enter taxes, and present your product catalogue, they are not all that effective. In the case of the realisation of an e-commerce site, note well your needs and test the various solutions before starting. Some online CMS allows you to offer your catalogue online, but the real success of an e-commerce site lies mainly in communication and sales tools. Check that your device will help you sell well by offering marketing tools to boost your sales.

Dec 18