Create Your Website Or Use A Pro?

At the very beginning of the web, you had to call a specialist to create your site. Then came the free CMS and online. Internet users comfortable with the logic of computers and the web could begin to build their site by installing CMS (site design and content management software). But establishing a CMS, updating it and reserving a domain is not given to everyone. Online CMS (or CMS hosted) have been created for even more beginner Internet users.

We will help you to know if your web project fits in the case of use of a CMS, an online CMS or if it requires appealing to professional web and specific development.

What Kind Of Website Do You Want?

You have to admit one thing: not all sites can be made with pre-established and free tools such as CMS online. Without competence, there are web projects that you will not be able to lead. For example, creating a social network or a dating site is not feasible with an online tool. This requires developing skills. However, you will be able to establish showcase sites, e-commerce sites and many types of sites.

A Site For A Personal Project

To share your passion or your desires, you will need a tool to create pages and why not, to blog! If you want to be reachable, it will also be necessary to create a contact form. This is possible with most CMS online. It all depends on your project: keep a logbook during a trip around the world? A blog to tell your sporting achievements, an event site to prepare a wedding? It’s possible!

The Association Site, To Share With Members

Create pages to present the association, the office, the activities of the asso, activate a blog to publish stories and inform members, a forum to allow licensees to exchange between them: it is possible with most CMS online. You may also need to set up a member area to share specific member content. If it is a sports club, for example, the blog can allow you to publish reports after a competition.