Creating a membership site and community

One of the best web design projects we have seen is OddsMonkey, they have created a unique site for their members with some really cool software and members only areas.

They have also used nodebb to create a thriving community. Nodebb is not for everyone but it is particularly useful for large communities and fast moving discussions.

They obviously have a team of highly trained developers working on this site and it’s not something anyone could just replicate. There are a few ways to make membership sites with tools like WordPress though. There are free and paid plugins like MemberPro that will allow you to create members areas and even make it so that the customer has to pay to access those areas. Pretty useful if you have some killer content you think people will be willing to pay for.

If you aren’t familiar with OddsMonkey then you should take a look. It is a site that we visit every day as we are big into matched betting and it allows us to earn a little money on the side when we are quiet on the web design front. You can read a full review of OddsMonkey here.

Basically it will teach you how to make money risk free from bookie bonuses. There are no risk to your funds as we lay all our bets off so it really isn’t gambling or anything like that. It costs £15 a month to get access to the members area but it is worth every penny as they will soon have you making a few hundred pounds per month using their guides, strategies and software. We have personally made over £2000 in the last 4 months we have been a member there and it shows no sign of letting up.

Their use of nodebb on the forum is essential as the threads update fast. New replies come onto the page without having to refresh so you never miss any important information when you are reading through the site. You can also set it up to get mobile notifications so you can be alerted to any updates.

Definitely worth looking into.